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Women of Excellence Ministry

About Us
The Women of Excellence Ministry was founded in 1995 by Overseer Juanita Davis.  It was designed to help women recognize and destroy the yokes that keep them from excelling, begin spiritual and emotional healing, and encourage women to develop and utilize their talents. Today the ministry still exists.   Through the partnership of Overseer Juanita Davis and First Lady Kristina Davis the Women’s Ministry is growing to another level.

We envision ourselves as a vehicle that will provide the Women of the GREATER SHILOH CHURCH the ministry of knowledge and wisdom through bible studies, curriculum series, one on one meetings, evaluations and recorded testimonies to track the process of the participating women’s spiritual development.

The purpose is to meet the needs of every woman, while strengthening our spiritual being, mind, body, and soul. 

This ministry will consist of 5 main functions. 1) Bible study 2) support 3) fun and fellowship 4) evangelism 5) prayer and fasting. The ministry will utilize the assistance of other in-house ministries to support the needs of existing women’s  issues. We will achieve this by promoting fellowship through conferences, seminars, workshops,  and activities that create friendship and sisterhood among the women. The ministry will also encourage community service as well as intercessory prayer and fasting.

Ministry Contact: Minister Kristina Davis
Email: or contact 484-541-1116 for her assistant ~ Minister Olivia Obey

2014 Ministry Schedule

  • Hour of Power Wisdom Cries Out Women's Bible Study ~ Every Wednesday @ 6:30PM in the Kingdom Cafe
  • Women of Excellence Precepts Bible Study ~ Thursday Mornings  for 18 weeks @ 9:00am in the Wings Like Eagles room ( must sign up)

Women of Excellence Support Group Meetings 

  • W.A.R. - Women About Results ~ TBA

  • M.O.M.s - Mothers Outside of Marriage ~ TBA
  • V.O.I.C.E.s - Victims of Incest Cry Enough ~ TBA
  • Y.O.K.E.D - Your Obedience in Keeping Ever Lasting Dedication  ~ TBA
  • C.O.R.E. - Christians on the Road to Excellence ~ Every Thursday night - program runs  for 12 weeks (must be registered)

Greater Shiloh Church
403 Pastor Fred Davis Street Easton, PA 18042
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