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Easton, PA 18042

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Our History


On September 24, 1904, twelve members of African-American descent received a charter letter to establish their own church and organize a Baptist mission.  After meeting in several homes, the group found themselves in need of a place to worship and moved from the Second Methodist Episcopal Church of Easton to Thomson Hall. In 1905, after a meeting of two delegations, the Baptist mission was recognized as an independent Baptist Church.  The seventy-two members unanimously voted and accepted the name “Shiloh” which completed the establishment of Shiloh Baptist Church. 


Over the years, a succession of sixteen pastors led this assembly and provided the church with spiritual direction and unwavering stability.  The church progressed as the cornerstone was laid in 1924; the first mortgage was burned in 1937; the baptismal pool was installed in 1940, an organ was purchased and the building was renovated.  In 1973, the Redevelopment Authority of Easton completely demolished the church building and the congregation found themselves without a pastor or a building. 


In 1974, Pastor Fred Davis accepted the call to shepherd the church.  Pastor Fred and Mrs. Davis knew the dream of the congregation was to rebuild Shiloh and the dream was realized in the summer of 1976.  By 1986, the membership increased so dramatically that the edifice required remodeling.  Under their 31 years of leadership:  the congregation grew from 19 to more than 800 members; the Shiloh Manor, a 58 unit facility that houses senior citizens was built; the Shiloh Estates was completed; a foreign missions to Africa started; and the building of our present edifice was completed.  Pastor Davis passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly, on May 10, 2005. After lovingly being eulogized by his son, Phillip and his devoted wife, Pastor Juanita, the Greater Shiloh Church, along with the community from near and far, held a grand home going service to their most distinguished pastor of so many years. 


In 2005, Pastor Phillip A. Davis was installed as our Senior Pastor and he has led the congregation from 1200 to over 2000 members. Under his God-inspired vision, the Greater Shiloh Church has become focused on outreach especially in response to devastating crises like the Katrina and Sandy hurricanes; evangelism to the Lehigh Valley, training and development of ministers, financial classes for the membership, in-depth Bible studies, the establishment of a transitional home for men called the Nehemiah House and the planting of our North Campus location.

Through a long unbroken walk by faith and unbroken prayer, the Greater Shiloh Church, has reached a new day in its life of over a hundred and nine years.  With over 50 active ministries, it is dedicated to meeting the needs of all God’s people to advance the Kingdom of God. Pastor Phil’s belief that you build up God’s kingdom, one person at a time, while building a people of purpose, power and prayer, inspires us as we strive to obediently serve God’s purpose.  

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Greater Shiloh Church
403 Pastor Fred Davis Street Easton, PA 18042
phone: 610.252.5640 | fax: 610.252.2715 | email:
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